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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Little Engine that Couldn't Care Less

Today is just one of those days where sleep deprivation is leaving its mark, I'm afraid. I had something on my mind that was kind of freaking me out, so I woke up after about 2 or 3 hours' sleep. Not an unusual thing for me, I'm afraid, but irritating nonetheless.

When I'm like this, though, I have neither the passion nor the energy to pick fights with people, so my day rounds out as kind of pointless and boring. I have no conflicts to write about, aside from the conflicts within me that are arguing about whether or not I've got enough conflict to write a blog that day. I did leave a rather nasty remark directed at some man who thinks he should be the moral voice for women's wombs, but it amounted to nothing. One woman had already told him he didn't have a womb, so he didn't get a vote. Yeah, you go g... Ah, screw it.

People will have their ridiculous opinions about things they know nothing about, no matter what they're told. The creationists believe the world was formed 6,000 years ago, and that radiocarbon dating can't possibly prove otherwise, but they're more than happy to use the science to try to prove something about the Dead Sea Scrolls. There's no arguing with weird-ass logic like that, and I have to be in a good mood if I'm going to go against better judgment and start one anyway.

I saw a bunch of people ranting today about how people should do their research, while they were trying to say there was no such thing as Lichtenberg figures (marks left behind by lightning - sometimes on people's skin). Um, research shows they exist, thank you. They kept saying it was a henna tattoo. Oy! I couldn't even count how many of them were ranting that people would believe anything they read on the internet. Person after person posted the link to Wikipedia's page on the subject, which explains the phenomenon quite nicely. People are idi... Ah, screw it.

Yup, cranky pants. That's my name for the day. No PMS for me. I'm pretty stable there, but watch me freak out because I don't have the energy to get well and truly pissed about something that I would ordinarily spit flames over. I get right ornery, just not in a way that enables me to shoot righteous flames at the uninformed. If I don't get some sleep and have something to be well and truly pissed about soon, I'm going to go off my nut.

It's damn depressing to not have the energy to give a crap about something, I have to say. I have no idea how the uninspired and apathetic manage to get through their days without having a cause to fight for. I mean, really, what's the point of life then? Is ignorance really that blissful? Maybe it's got something to do with having a brain or something? If you're dumb enough maybe you can be happy sitting around smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo? Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Not playing with a full deck," if you're at all familiar with the song.

Sadly I seem to have shut up a couple of women-haters lately, too, as they generally provide such useful fodder for my ranting. Awww - suck it up pumpkin. You were confronted by a woman who wasn't afraid of you and you choked. Made you limp did it? Yeah, fear will do th... Ah, screw it.

I'm actually running into a lot of fairly normal people these days, and men who are nice and actually like women and animals. It's really throwing me off my stride. What am I supposed to do with that? I know there are still morons out there, but they're avoiding me like the plague it seems. Where's a good village idiot when you need one? Even my pervert radar is sending me mixed signals, and I'm just too damn tired to translate them.

I know, it must be really nice to sit around bitching that you have nothing to bitch about, eh? Or insane. I'll leave that up to you to decide, because I'm just too freakin'... Ah, screw it.