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Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day - Fateful Destiny

Life has patterns. They are complex, matrix-like patterns that comprise the fabric of our co-existence with all other life. There are no coincidences. Fate and destiny are pre-determined, but they are pre-determined by us. Every action we take brings us to a certain place, and if we think about it carefully we realize that there was really no other place that we could have ended up. In fact, if we think about it carefully, we can actually predict what is going to happen. There is a logical sequence of events that is followed.

If you've been following politics at all, you will have seen the huge backlash against women coming from the republican side of the equation in the US. Even the women in the GOP are doing everything they can to subvert their own gender. I can only assume they're doing it to gain the approval of the men in the party, or they're sick masochists, or both.

This backlash, and the fact that the republicans refused to vote to reinstate the Violence Against Women Act, comes during the year where the UN theme of International Women's Day is actually "A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women." Is this a coincidence? I doubt very much that it is. It may be subconscious, but it is no coincidence. Men who have a great deal to fear from women, are expressing that fear by trying to subjugate them even further. There is probably some place in their subconscious that knows what this year's theme is, if they're at all aware of what's going on in the world, and that dark and tiny place is panicking.

In an ideal world the women-haters could be tied to chairs until they learn there is no reason to be afraid - until they learn that a smart, capable, and caring woman can only be of benefit to humanity. In an ideal world the women who have turned against other women would have their hearts opened to the possibilities that lie before us - as well as realize that if it weren't for the feminists among us, not one of those female GOP members would even be allowed out of the house, let alone be given a public forum in which to speak their minds.

It might seem coincidental to some that today, International Women's Day (IWD), I am working on my first article for Feminspire - obviously a feminist-leaning site, hence the name. It is not the least bit coincidental, if you think about it. Like all of us, I have been bombarded of late by feminist-leaning pages, all gearing up for IWD. Like many ad campaigns there is a snowball effect if this many groups and websites are getting together to promote a single idea, and when the vast majority of the female population, not mention a large number of the male population, all believe in that idea, that snowball gets very, very big.

Lately I've been paying far more attention to feminist issues because of this snowball effect. I've been more inspired to take part, voice my opinions, do more for womankind. I write about women's issues more than I was before. I've always been a feminist, as anyone can tell from reading my writing. I've always fought for my own rights, and the rights of any woman. I just haven't necessarily 'joined up' with other women, perhaps wrongly delaying what I should have done many, many years ago.

A few days ago I contacted Feminspire because they said they were looking for contributors. It wasn't long before I heard back from them - not only from an associate editor, but also the editor-in-chief. I've got my log-in for submitting my pieces to them, and today marks the day I write the very first of my weekly articles. My tentative deadline isn't really until tomorrow, but I think today makes for a much more appropriate day. It's not a coincidence, but it is my destiny.