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Saturday, 9 March 2013

I Sorta Shopped...Therefore I Bitch...A Lot

My daughter and I went to buy a laptop today, and despite that fact that it should have been fun and a bit exciting, it became very annoying. We went to Future Shop to pick one out, having already been on their website to check pricing, etc. The website wasn't a great indicator of what they'd have in stock, but it gave us some ideas.

We got to the store, found the section quickly enough, and zeroed in on an Asus almost immediately. My daughter asked me to go with her, because she knows I know what I'm talking about when it comes to computers. They're kind of my thing, and I do my research. There was a Lenovo there as well, but I don't quite trust IBM the way I do Asus. I like their motherboards. The real conflict comes down to Asus and Samsung from what I'm reading, and Samsung is a little newer to the laptop marketplace, so Asus pretty much hits it for me. Please don't confuse the brand with Acer. I wouldn't buy an Acer with a gun to my head. They're garbage.

So, my daughter and I were hoping they'd still have Windows 7 on some of the laptops, but she's stuck with 8 if she wants a new one. Wouldn't be my first choice, and it was something she actually had an opinion on as well. 8 might have new features, but they're largely useless for the purposes of regular users. There's a speed increase, according to the propaganda, but I don't buy it. Of course, I have a hard time trusting anything Microsoft has to say.

Well, the sales rep decided he wanted to argue with me about a couple of things, but then used the phrase, "I haven't heard that" umpteen dozen times. Well, if he hasn't heard that, he hasn't been paying attention, or doing any reading. The information is out there, available to anyone who wants to make the effort. Of course, he's a sales rep working for a big-box store and isn't required to be trained in order to make his minimum wage. So, whatever. He's also trying to get us to buy something, and I'm not real interested in his opinion to begin with because that's his main goal.

It turned out they had none left in stock, but other stores had them. He said he couldn't reserve one for us...even if we paid for it right then! He could put it on layaway, where we paid part of it, but that didn't guarantee it would still be there when we got there. HUH??!! What the hell is the point of calling it layaway then? With layaway they hold it for you. Hell, it was only going to take us an hour to go get it! No dice. What he said we COULD do is go home and reserve it online where they would hold it for 48 hours. I'm confused. Why is this a necessary step? Is there a reason we couldn't have just done it in the store then and there??

All in all, customer service just sucks these days, and that wasn't all I felt went wrong today either. We went to Wendy's afterwards, drooling over the thought of a Portabello Mushroom Melt. They were supposed to be permanent additions to the menu here. Their website said so. It's the only thing I really like at Wendy's enough that I would specifically go there to eat. You've probably already figure out that they were no longer on the menu, or I wouldn't be talking about them like this. Man was I irritated!

I told the girl I just wanted a poutine and a caramel shake, and it pissed me off just a little bit more that she didn't listen and said, "You wanted a strawberry shake you said?" No, I really didn't. I never order strawberry. Oddly, I not only don't really like strawberry, I also have an aversion to it based on bad memories. Go figure. My daughter is telling me to calm down because the girl just works there, and I'm thinking, "Yes, she does. She takes people's orders. If she doesn't want to listen to people when they give them to her, then people have the right to be irritated that she isn't doing her job." For once I kept my mouth shut, though, knowing my irritation was out of proportion to the situation. In other words, I was a cranky pants.

So far the two things we went for did not go so well, as we came out of the trip with neither of them. Then, just as the bus pulled up in front of our apartment building I realized I didn't have my purse. Like, jeez, are you freakin' kidding me?! I was already in pain, but turned around and headed right back to Wendy's. Luckily they had my purse. There wasn't much in it, just my ID. I don't normally carry money unless I'm by myself, since my daughter does 99% of the shopping. Even if I weren't having issues with my injuries, I don't really enjoy shopping, and she likes to go by herself. Still, losing my wallet would have been a serious pain in the ass.

The thing is, I'm just not the type to lose my purse. I usually check stuff like that. However, seeing as I was irritated as all get-out, I was more than a little distracted. Well, all's hell in life or usually ends up there anyway, so there's not much point in whining about it. Okay, yes, I see the irony. I'm allowed. I'm a blogger. It's what we do.

I did reserve the laptop at the other store online, and will pick it up, but I think I might actually go to the trouble of lodging a complaint. It's a stupid way of doing business. I don't care about the sales person - they're a dime a dozen and they never stay long anyway. The store policy regarding putting things on hold, and having to go home to reserve it online is what I plan to bitch to them about. They need to fix that. If the laptop had been for me, I would have walked away from the store completely, but my daughter has been waiting for months to have a computer again, (and I've been waiting for months to get her completely off of mine, even if I totally hog it).

So, it looks like I'm going out some time tomorrow to get a stupid laptop from a stupid store that won't even be mine, and all because I agreed to go shopping with her to help her pick one out. How, exactly, did I get roped into this? Oh, right, she flattered me, catering to my ego with regard to how much I know about computers. Strangely enough, the article I just put in for submission to Feminspire was about that exact thing! I really need to start reading my own articles.