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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Offline for a Couple of Days

I'm reformatting my computer, and will be offline for a couple of days. To the best of my knowledge there is no fear of me being targeted for an assassination attempt, so none of you need worry that there's anything actually wrong. Well, beyond a possible need to throw my laptop off the balcony, anyway. I haven't made enough enemies for that, yet, although I anticipate the likelihood of that in the near future. After all, when I open my mouth offensive things tend to fly out. My work is getting more exposure these days, so I'm bound to piss off someone who doesn't like what I have to say. Good times...

Anyway, I just thought I'd post this notice so no one started to worry. I'm way overdue for my usual computer maintenance, and it's easier just to wipe everything than it is to mess around and try to fix all the little problems. As much of a pain as it is to reload all the programs and set everything up the way I like it again, it's also refreshing. While my computer is doing its thing in its various stages, I'll be getting my house in order (literally, not figuratively - the place is as disorganized as it gets right now, and it's driving me batty because I have no idea where anything is).

You're all likely busy what with this being Easter weekend and all, so have a great holiday. I'll see you back here in a few days! For those who have my cell number, I can be reached on that should my presence be so sorely missed. Ha!