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Thursday, 27 June 2013

So Much to Say, Such a Short Attention Span

Yesterday was an unbelievably crazy day for me. Mentally, emotionally, and time-wise. I was verbally abused by some asshat who told me I had to have sex with him, even though I didn't even know his last name, who then accused me of lying to him because I told him I wasn't going to be. I mean, the sheer ridiculousness of this is making me giggle uncontrollably. Like, really? Wow. Some people just have no pick-up skills whatsoever. Most people consider me too blunt and open. He was young, though. Zero patience, wants everything now I guess. Next time, dude, if you want to have sex with a woman, you might try starting by telling her your name. It helps.

And then...there was a bit of a feline emergency for my ex, whose cat got over-heated and stressed out and had to get to the vet right away. Poor little guy. He's a purebred Siamese (the cat, not my ex), however, and purebreds tend to be skittish and sensitive in general. My ex had already been over here earlier in the morning (we may have a new roommate for a while), and it was here that the cat got overheated, I think, but I'm guessing the stress was a huge factor. He was in a separate room that has no air conditioning because there are issues with my cats and my ferret, but my ex was in there with him and didn't get full-on heat stroke I don't think. Still, I feel bad. We'll have to figure something out for him. Maybe a plywood gate to keep him separated, but allow the door to remain open for the air conditioning.

And then...there was the fall of DOMA and Prop 8, which if you've read almost anything I've ever written, you probably know I was doing a massive happy-dance a la Snoopy. I don't know what took SCOTUS so long to do this, because I have to say to y'all down there that we've had marriage equality in Canada for the last 8 years or so, federally. If we were going to be smote for our strike against an almighty, I'm sure it would have happened by now. Of course the fundies are all up in everyone else's business, despite the whole freedom of religion thing that supposedly exists down there, but really doesn't, because according to certain politicians America has always been a Christian nation. Wut? No. First there were the mound people I believe, and then there were the tribal people. Somewhere before all that there were probably neanderthals or something. My history is really rusty, but even I know there were people in the United States loooonnngg before there were Christians. Oh, and there's that little thing about religious freedom again where no religion is supposed to have a say in the government - called 'separation of church and state' I believe. Yeah, that little thing.

And then...there was the fall of SB 5 (a bill that would have closed 47 of 52 abortion clinics) in Texas, mainly destroyed by Wendy Davis and her outstanding filibuster, and the hundreds of women who stood there in protest as she read letter after letter from Texas constituents, berating Texas politicians for sticking their non-medical noses into their vaginas. Yeah, that was a run-on sentence, but I get so darned excited when these things happen that I have air-to-spare I guess. The Republicans apparently tried to alter the time stamp on the documentation to make it appear as if the bill had actually passed, when it hadn't. Now there's a petition going around to try to initiate an investigation into this.

Of course, Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, is also the same moron who brought you, "Come to unregulated Texas so we can blow up half of it," and when he spoke about Wendy Davis later he couldn't even be bothered to use her name. He called her, 'that woman who filibustered' or something to that effect. Blew my mind. Then he promptly announced that they'd be trying to pass it again on July 1st. Granted, he also approved Texas' 500th execution since 1976 yesterday, too, this grand pro-life example of humanity - of a woman, of course. It gets even more bizarre! No, I'm not kidding. He then proceeded to criticize Wendy Davis for having a child so young. Um, dude, you're a pro-lifer. Was she supposed to have an abortion? You know, I don't think anyone can write a biography about that man. There is no way it would make a lick of sense. You'd be reading it, and the whole time you'd be saying, "He did what? But he..."

And then...there's this other guy name Cucchinelli who wants to ban oral and anal sex. Now y'all just know that you're going to read about him getting a blow job from a prostitute one day, and quite possibly a male one. That's just how these things go. It seems like it's always those hyper-conservative nutbag Christian Fundamentalists who are sticking their Snausages in places they supposedly aren't supposed to be. Not that I've got anything against prostitution as a chosen profession. As far as I'm concerned 'chosen' is the operative word there. I have nothing against someone even going to a prostitute of any gender for sex, of any kind. That's a choice, too. I think it's morally wrong to do it if you're cheating on a partner. I think it's stupid if you're not using protection and you bring home diseases to someone else. If I knew someone was actually risking someone else's life with possible STDs, I'd tell the potential recipient of said diseases in a heartbeat.

And then...I spent all day on the phone, which I'm sure y'all know is something I generally hate to do. We had the show last night, so I was kept busy with stuff for that for a bit, and also spent a bit of time chatting with a station producer who taught me a couple of things about how things work at the station. Of course there was my Facebook time. Now, most people use Facebook for fun stuff, and I like my joke memes as well as the next person probably, but the majority of my time on there is spent gathering information and staying aware of what's going on with the political situation. Believe you me, I never thought I'd see the day when I would bother with anything the least bit political. My how times have changed!

Considering the dither I was in yesterday, I know there's a giant bunch of stuff that I'm forgetting to mention, but I think that covers the basics. All of this was on an hour's sleep in almost two days. I feel like I just went through a spin cycle for a heavy-duty wash load. Speaking of laundry, however, if I don't want to be running around naked, or at least going commando from a lack of underwear, I'd best get moving on mine tonight. Whenever I say, "I've got nothing to wear," it usually means I actually have nothing to wear. My ratty old bathrobe just isn't going to cut it for me. Sure, I spend a lot of time in my pajamas, but robes have a tendency to fly open at the least little provocation. This is not an option for me. I'm not going to traumatize my daughter any more than I already did just by raising her, and if my ex does end up staying here I'm certainly not flashing the goodies at him either. Totally not the message I want to be sending, and it's highly unlikely to be the one he wants to be receiving either.