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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sex & Dating on The Kovacs Perspective Tonight

Tonight we're broadcasting a fun show for everyone on The Kovacs Perspective. +Steve Kovacs will be talking to two guests about two different areas of dating, along with some talk about sex techniques, so be prepared for a very interesting show tonight! We air live at 9 PM eastern time, so I hope you'll be there.

Our first guest tonight is +Van Wallach who will be on to talk about his book, A Kosher Dating Odyssey: One Former Texas Baptist’s Quest for a Naughty & Nice Jewish Girl. Raised a Southern Baptist, Wallach found himself drawn to his parents’ Jewish heritage and the women who embodied it. To meet the special challenges of online dating, he took a marketer’s approach to packaging his unique background into a memorable screen name and profile. His book explores the highs and heartbreaks of dating the “smart, vulnerable and shtetl-lovely” Jewish women he met and adored after he left Texas.

Most of us are out there, looking for someone special to share our lives with. We want someone who accepts us as we are, and who will be a supportive companion to us. Almost all of us would really like to be with someone special, so now matter how difficult previous relationships might have been for us, we keep getting out there and trying again. Some of us go to a lot of trouble to find 'the one'. Hopefully tonight we'll be hearing one man's success story about finding that person.

Our second guest is Steve "The Dean" Williams, who coaches people in a wide variety of dating situations from all over the world. He's got 20 years' experience, and his advice applies globally. He's also going to talk about why men are so bad in bed, and what they can do about that. He's got some tips on out-of-the-box sex techniques for us, which I know is something we're all looking forward to hearing about. His experience encompasses dating in all stages of a relationship, and he runs SBW Coaching, and a couple of other sites along those lines.

For anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis, you know I'm pretty open-minded about this kind of thing, which is probably a good thing considering our line-up tonight. The fact is, sex is our most basic and primary motivator in life. It's a biological imperative. Our bodies were designed with one very specific function - to procreate. We can fight it all we want to, and some of us are successful at doing so, but should we have to? Sure, we don't necessarily have to produce a whole passel o' young'uns, but the trying is almost always a good time. If it's not a good time had by all, then you probably want to watch tonight's show.

Tune in tonight at 9 PM eastern. You can go directly to the show at this link here. Hope to see you there. I know I'm looking forward to it, but I bet you already knew that!