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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Many Apologies, but Can't Help It!

Hello again, everyone. This is yet another very quick update. I'm still spending a lot of time syringe-feeding my ferret, Stimpy, trying to keep his blood sugar up, and hoping that this isn't the end for him. This is why I'm not as chatty on this blog as I usually am. I'm also still pretty sick myself, so I'm not my usual feisty self. As many problems as there are in the world, and as many fights as I like to involve myself in (for what I believe is the betterment of humanity), I'm stuck in my own little world at the moment. Once I know how things are going with Stimpy, and I've recovered a bit from this cold, I'll be back in fighting form again.

Having been through a long bout of insomnia, amidst the stress I've been dealing with lately, a simple cold is crying havoc and letting loose the dogs of war on the battlefield of my immune system. Once I'm kicking the crap out of injustice again (or so I like to think), I've got a million things on my plate to be dealt with, but I promise I'm not letting the blog slide off into the nether regions of cyberspace. I prefer to keep it out of the nether regions altogether. Just not a place we all want to go to, and not a place I invite many to, either. I'm picky that way.

So, for the time being, I've got another feeding to do for my furry companion, and then I'm off to drowse in the arms of Morpheus. Or, at least I hope I am. If that doesn't work out I'll be back on the computer to try my luck at crap-kicking again. Sadly, despite provocation, I haven't even been able to argue properly with anyone. I had to postpone a couple of debates, and since my opponents (eagerly I'm sure) await my return, I'm doing my level best to regain my irascibility.

Thanks for being my faithful readers. I will return, never fear!