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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Just Call Me "The Wonder Hamster"

Today has felt like a bunch of spinning hamster wheels, with me hopping from one to the next. Not that I mind so much, since I like to keep busy, but it gets confusing sometimes. I had another article posted in Feminspire today, called "My Vagina is Not Profane: Why Can't We Talk About Anatomy in Schools?" It's always exciting to see your work in front of the general public, and it's awesome to be able to write pieces that advance the cause of feminine equality.

Today was also a day for work on The Kovacs Perspective stuff, including thank-you notes to our guests from last week now that the Parenting episode vodcast is up on the site. Our guests for April 10th have already been arranged, of course, but I had to invite two new guests for the April 24th episode. On the 10th we're going to showcase international issues, and on the 24th we're talking about Sex, baby! Sorry, I had a Salt 'N' Pepa moment there. It's what pops into my head every time I think about doing an episode on sex.

Another portion of my job as producer for The Kovacs Perspective is to post an article on +SearchWarp, a site I contribute to under my own name, and one that Steve Kovacs also contributes to. The article I post on there is to give SearchWarp readers a chance to see the vodcast, so I embed the video for the show in the article.

Beyond the usual stuff, I've had to cope with my stripped computer. I went to work on the logos for the new show we've got coming out soon, and found that the graphics had disappeared, but that was a fairly quick fix. I needed to shrink the logos, but increase the font size, so that I had multiple-sized versions of the logos for various application. The big ones are all well and good for the Home page of a website, but aren't exactly great for e-mail signatures and secondary website pages.

Today was an interesting day on another level, a more personal one. My ex will be staying at my place for a while. He's in a situation where he needs to get back on his feet. Not only do I know he would do the same for me, but he actually has done the same for me. It's not just a matter of obligation, though. He's my friend, so I care what happens to him. We weren't able to be friends to one another while we were together, and aren't the least bit compatible as a couple, but we managed to become very good friends once the pressure of a relationship was gone. None of the reasons we couldn't make a relationship work have changed, but they don't actually matter when you're not involved with someone on that level.

Sadly, my apartment isn't very welcoming at the moment when it comes to having a guest, since I don't even have a sofa for him to sleep on, so he's stuck with a piece of the floor. It looks like we may be picking up the remainder of my stuff tomorrow, however, so at least there will be a decent chair for him to sit in, rather than also having to lie on the floor to watch movies, which is what he's been doing since he got here. I'm not very good company, to be perfectly frank. I spend my life on my laptop, as does my daughter, and we're not very sociable. It's actually one of the reasons we weren't compatible.

I used to be able to sit around and watch movies with him, at least, but I don't have the patience for that these days. I've got too many things I need and want to do. As his friend I should probably be doing more, but I suck at that sort of thing. From what I understand he's turfing his girlfriend, or he'd still be at her place, so he's probably having some feelings about that, but I don't exactly excel at those conversations. You'd think I'd be better at conversations about emotions, considering the fact that I'm always sharing my feeling about things in my writing. I guess the skill doesn't translate very well. I can write, but I can't talk.

I'm not sure how long this particular situation will last. I don't think it matters all that much. Anyone who knows me already knows the type of relationship I have with my ex. He'll have a place for as long as he needs one, but it's not going to involve any 'benefits'. He's planning on finding work doing long-haul driving, so it's entirely possible I'll barely see him for whatever time he's here. He'll be more comfortable in a sleeper truck than sleeping on the floor anyway. He's probably going to be rather determined to get out of here. I would be.

There are still a million things I need to do, but this hamster has no more wheel-spinning left in her for today. It's time to chill out a bit and then get some sleep, especially if I'm going to be picking up my stuff tomorrow. Thankfully it sounds as though my 'guest' has passed out to the dulcet tones of Karl Urban's Judge Dredd, so my duties there are done for the night. Hmm. Maybe it's time to break out the ice cream and a book.