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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Sad, Sick Workaholic is Tired and Fragile Today

I really have to force myself to take a break tonight, because I ended up working on two websites last night instead of relaxing. Of course, I just realized that I offered to write a piece for Feminspire tonight, but since it wasn't confirmed I just let the editor-in-chief know that I actually wasn't up for it. It might have been a good follow-up to the one I did on Rush Limbaugh's butt getting kicked by armchair activism, perhaps, but it might be better if they got someone else's slant on the current story pitch anyway. I have my own style and voice (I assume) when writing more serious stuff, and it would get boring for readers to read yet another one about the same topic from the same writer.

Both my editor and the main editor know my plans for my next piece anyway, which has nothing to do with that particular topic. I'm looking forward to delving into it, but not tonight and probably not tomorrow either. When it comes to deadlines, I generally write at the last minute. I was like that throughout school (yes, many years ago) and I don't see it changing now. It works for me.

The thing is, I'm just really tired of fighting and arguing today. A lot of what I write is controversial, and the comments can be harsh. I should probably take the advice of other writers and just stop reading comments. I write what I write with the best intentions generally, unless something really ticks me off, so some of the nasty remarks that come out of left field just startle me. Yes, I know there are a lot of crazies out there - welcome to the internet - and generally I can shrug most of the crap off my shoulders, but there are days when it's a bit much.

So, for sure tonight, I'm not doing a thing that's work-related. I want to have some fun. I've already done a bit of work as it is, including updates on a Wikipedia article to make it ready for inclusion. I can only hope I don't get inspired part-way through like I did last night, where I'm unable to resist the lure of, "Can I do that? Is it possible to make the site look like this, or having this functionality?" Most of those questions resulted in frustration for me last night, but at least I got the main bodies of the sites done. I should jot that stuff down on a list to do later.

If you're curious about my recent spate of work, you can now check out The Kovacs Literary Perspective and Woodland Literary Services online. They're simple sites for now, but they get the job done. The two sites and services are in partnership, yet separate, so I kept the look and feel similar, with slight changes. Soon The Kovacs Perspective will have a totally new look as well, but I'm waiting on a domain transfer to be completed. The website is uploaded and waiting for the domain to access the files. There are changes I'd like to make to that one, too, but for now it will suffice.

I'll get into the whole shameless self-promotion thing a bit more at another time, though. For tonight I'm off to play another old game, which is the sequel to the game I finally played this morning. This one actually has a ferret in it. That's enough reason for me to do just about anything!