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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Legal Shenanigans on The Kovacs Perspective Tonight

Okay, I think we're all pretty much in agreement that we're not particularly fond of all the back-door dealings of governments and the lawyers that play dirty pool. We have laws, and they're meant to be everyone, but guess what? They aren't! Big surprise, I know, but that's why you're going to love what we have in store for you on The Kovacs Perspective tonight at 9 PM eastern.

First off we have William Deane, author of Smooth Criminal: A One-Man American Crime Wave. He's going to be talking about David Riley, otherwise known as Smooth Criminal. Now, it's probably pretty obvious to you that this guy would have to be pretty infamous to have his very own nickname, but the story gets better. The man wasn't only a criminal, but he was a criminal released by the federal government to be used as a contract player.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would assume that it's a bad idea to trust a criminal that is still incarcerated and has yet to pay his 'debt to society' as it were. However, to have the government trust this criminal to carry out nefarious deeds in service to the country, well, that just seems stupid beyond belief. However, this isn't that uncommon of a practice, apparently, and I find that to be more than a little bit scary. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what Mr. Deane has to say on the topic.

Secondly we have Ellen Hughes, the author of Snakebit, who has spent her working life in and around lawyers. She's worked in a wide variety of positions in the legal profession, and it's not too surprising that she might have an interesting perspective on what goes on behind closed doors. Now, the problem with this profession has always been the whole attorney-client privilege thing, in the sense that we never really know what's going on. I'm not talking about straight gossip-type stuff. I'm talking about all the truly shady stuff. When you're legally protected from giving away any secrets about your own practice, it seems like it would be pretty easy to hide anything else that might be going on.

Not every lawyer is a bad lawyer, obviously. Some fight tooth and nail to get justice for their clients, whether they're defense attorneys or prosecuting attorneys - in the case of prosecutors, their clients would be the citizens of the town, city or state in which they work, as in, "The People Vs. Mr./Ms. [insert name here]." Anyone who has seen or read any of John Grisham's work, however, is likely going to be wondering about those shady side deals. Of course, all of that is fiction, and nowhere near as compelling as the truth sometimes. I can't wait to listen to Ms. Hughes tell us all about the things she's experienced in her career, and what people need to know when they're about to hire an attorney.

If you're looking for an entertaining hour, watching +Steve Kovacs talk to a couple of intriguing guests, you're in for a treat. Where do you find this wonderful show? Well, the best place to go is right here. If you have any problems with the feed, however, you can go here instead. We want to make sure you have every chance to watch. Again, we broadcast at 9 PM eastern, which is New York and Toronto time. Be sure to tune in. Being lucky enough to produce this show, (and choose the guests I might add,) I'm really looking forward to it!