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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Miraculous Survivors Episode - The Kovacs Perspective

It is time once again to announce the upcoming guest for the WebTV show I produce, called The Kovacs Perspective, hosted by +Steve Kovacs. Our live air date is February 27th, 2013 at 9 PM, and this time we're featuring a couple of amazing guests. Miraculous ones you might say.

Our fist guest will be +Jessie Snyder. At the age of fourteen she was diagnosed HIV positive, after a surgical blood transfusion. This later developed into AIDS. Jessie was told at the time that she would not survive past the age of 18. It's been a bit more than 25 years now, and she's still going strong. Nothing keeps this woman down. The daughter she had at fourteen was also given the disease, but sadly Jessie lost her daughter when the girl was twelve.

The life story of Jessie Snyder has been a tragic one, but she maintains her hope and faith against all odds. You are not going to find a more inspiring story anywhere. Jessie has made her life matter. She keeps fighting. She obtained an education and made something of herself, and she speaks to others to educate them about the continuing dangers of HIV and AIDS. If you're in need of something to lift up your spirits, make sure you watch this show.

An interesting side note about Jessie is that she also writes for +SearchWarp, the same website I write the majority of my articles for. We didn't know one another at the time I invited her to be on the show, but instead met through another friend who also writes for the same site, +susan thom. I had no idea then that Jessie was another writer for the site until I saw a picture of her. However, I'm sure you'll enjoy watching her and listening to her on our show, just as I will.

Our second guest is Carl O. Helvie. At 42 he was given a terrible diagnosis as well. He was told he had lung cancer. Refusing chemotherapy, Carl turned to holistic and non-invasive healing techniques. This is a man who knows what he's doing when it comes to medicine, too. He's a registered nurse, holds two Master's degrees and a Doctorate. For 38 years he's been able to keep the spectre of cancer at bay.

Carl is going to have a chance to inspire our listeners, letting everyone know that no matter what the diagnosis there's always hope. He's got a book on the subject that he wants to share with you. If you, or anyone you know, has cancer, you really have to see this show.

There you have it. Our February 27th line-up will literally be miraculous, and these days I think we could all use a hint of that in our lives.